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5 Amazing tips about Kids fashion

Fashion Tips

1. Kids Hoodies and Jogger Sets

As the autumn leave start to drop, days get shorter, and nights are longer and colder, it’s time to start transitioning to those thicker pieces like our favorites in kids hoodies and jogger sets. As moms we are looking for pieces that can easily compliment each other and depending on the personality of our child we may go for safe casual, all out trendy or a bit of both. Hoodies and jogger sets can help you achieve a varied of looks at you can mix and match the set with other styles in your child’s closet to create new looks often.

2. Cozy Pjs and Socks

At the top of our must have list is a good selection of fun and trendy sock and pajamas for kids. Cliqq Clothing is proud to announce we will be adding a new product line to our online store this season so make sure you are subscribed to our VIP list to be first to know. With the current climate and more of us staying home, it is important that they feel their best and have a good selection of cozy in home wear to get them through .

3. Neon Kids Styles

Neon has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years and this fall and winter the trend continues for both adults and kids clothes. We are also adding a few neon pieces to our fall and winter collection as we love the fun colors and playful styling options that it offers. Neon tends to make everything pop with its playful hues. Neons sets, tops, pants and outerwear make for a fun styling option and are a must have this season.

4. Sweatshirts for kids

From kids pullover sweatshirts to hoodies sweatshirts these are a staple for fall and winter. At Cliqq Clothing we are offering a selection of exclusive styles in kids sweatshirts that can only be found at Cliqq Clothing. These make an excellent choice for capsule ideas. You can mix and match them with your child favorite pair of bottoms and dress them up or down depending on the style. We hope to bring you some super trendy kids sweatshirts that will make them never want to take their outfits off and make you want one in every size so they can wear it for ever. From adorable graphics to fall and winter colors, sweatshirts are a guaranteed hit for your Childs closet this season.

5. Good Pair of Kids Jeans

We can’t have a conversation about fall and winter clothes for kids without consideration for a good pair of kids jeans! Whilst not always easy to find, when you find a good pair, its like the best thing since slice bread. We know that kids come in all shapes and sizes so we offer a wide range of sizes and a sizing chart to help you get the best fit possible. Of course, if ever in doubt-size up! We love jeans that are soft, comfy and durable. It is important that they can withstand anything from the playdates to those special karate moves they want to show off.